How to use the films and guide in your family

How To Share SPLIT With Your Kids

Find a quiet time to watch

Watch the film when your kids have some down time.  Friday after school or Saturday during the day might work. Give your children plenty of time to ask questions or talk about the film.

It also helps to remove distractions, turn off the TV, cell phones and other devices so everyone can focus.

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Watch SPLIT with younger children

It’s best to sit in the room and watch the film with younger children. Don’t be surprised if your kids want to watch Split again and again. Young kids learn by doing things more than once.  After you have watched it together once, it’s okay for them to watch it on their own.

Older kids (tweens and teens) may want some space

Older kids may benefit more from watching Split the Teen years and want to watch

it on their own.  If so, be close by so you can be available if they have questions or want to talk.

It might help to check in after they watch it and ask what did they think?  If your tween or teen doesn’t want to talk about it, that’s okay. Let them know you understand they may not be ready to discuss it right now. Reassure them that if they want to talk later, you’ll be available to listen.

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