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Here are ways you can help spread the word about SPLIT:

  • Shout out on social about the film
  • Watch the film and write a review in a newsletter
  • Write a blog about one - or both - of the films
  • Mention SPLIT in your organizational newsletter
  • Share a link on the resource page of your website
  • Forward our website to a friends and colleagues
Chayill SPLIT the EARLY years
Eva SPLIT the TEEN years
Let us be your guest

Are you looking to change divorce for the better? Invite us to be a guest on your podcast or show.  We’d love to talk to you.

Host a screening

Consider hosting a local screening of one or both films, to start a conversation in your community.  Invite local professionals to join a panel discussion.  Ellen or Christina would love to participate. Reach out to us on our event contact form.

Trevor SPLIT the TEEN years
Elijah Split the EARLY years
Schedule a Training

We are committed to educating professionals, and the family court system.  Host a training for your law firm, bar association, or social service organization. Find out more about these training opportunities.

introduce split film

Do you know someone who shares our passion for helping kids of divorce?  Perhaps someone who would be a key connector, and could help us get the word out in a really big way?

Please connect us! We welcome collaborations.

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Olivia SPLIT the EARLY years
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Every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated.

Your support of our work helps us change the culture of divorce - for the benefit of kids, teens, their parents and the many professionals that support families in transition.


Donations to the SPLIT Outreach Projects of Mission Films are tax-deductible.
You can make a secure donation online, or mail a check.


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