The SPLIT Film Guide

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The SPLIT Film Guide is a companion to the film SPLIT: The EARLY Years.  It is designed for PARENTS,  and for PROFESSIONALS  working one-on-one or in group settings with children or parents.

The Guide is an effective tool in support of meaningful communication.


The 130-page, beautifully illustrated SPLIT Film Guide gives parents guidance on how to best support children as their families change. The Guide’s chapters reference the film chapters: i.e. "Things to Know About TWO HOMES", and Talking to Kids About "TWO HOMES”.

The Guide offers parents a wide range of question prompts, based on issues raised in the film, to encourage healing conversations with kids.


The Guide supports professional work with both parents and kids, in one-on-one and group settings. Question prompts provide avenues for practitioners and professionals to ask questions, talk to parents, and encourage them to make better choices as they move through divorce.


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