The SPLIT Outreach Project, founded in 2014,
supports the best outcomes for children of divorce and their parents,
by making the voices of kids heard
and encouraging cooperation between co-parents.

Our work brings together media, education, and divorce professionals
to change the culture of divorce
for the benefit of kids, teens, their parents,
and the many professionals who support families in transition.

Help Us Help Kids of Divorce


changing divorce one film at a time

THE SPLIT OUTREACH PROJECT is a project of Mission Films,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The SPLIT Outreach Project leverages the emotional impact of two films, SPLIT: The EARLY Years, and SPLIT UP: The TEEN Years, with discussion guides, a website, and activity books for both children and adults.

We provide these resources and programming to children, teens, their parents, and the professionals that support families in transition.

Our goal is to reassure children and teens that they are not alone as they navigate the emotional, social, and psychological challenges of divorce.

Our work is based on current research, effective divorce interventions, and proven best practices.

Olivia SPLIT the EARLY years

The SPLIT Outreach Project began in 2017 in San Francisco.  Our work has provided much-needed programming, resources, and guidance to children and parents throughout the country, and around the world.

The SPLIT Films and the SPLIT Film Guide help parents understand what is in the hearts and minds of their kids as their families change. The Guide offers parents guidance and a range of conversation starters  to have meaningful conversation with their children.


Help us reach kids, teens, parents, teachers, mental health professionals,
family lawyers, divorce professionals, and court administrators.

Your support will go a long way toward changing the culture of divorce for children.

Donations to the SPLIT Outreach Projects of Mission Films are tax-deductible.
You can make a secure donation online, or mail a check.


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