SPLIT FILM for educational organizations dvd and split guide

SPLIT: The EARLY Years DVD + The SPLIT Film Guide for Universities

a film about divorce for kids and their parents

The guide is 130 pages, full color, 8.5" x 11"


SPLIT: The EARLY Years used with the SPLIT Film Guide not only deepens a teacher, counselor or students understanding of the impact of divorce on children, it also is a valuable resource for schools that can be used in classrooms to enhance learning in a number of ways. Together both are also excellent to include in a lending library.

The guide can also be used in work with children.

Please note that use of these materials is for non-commercial, non-broadcast use in universities, medical centers, law schools, or any religious or community center (JCC, Girl Scout troops, etc.) for teaching purposes and in person professional trainings where no fees are charged for the program outside of normal tuition or membership.

Fee includes Public Performance Rights (PPR) which allow screenings for educational purposes in a classroom, library, or for any group outside the home when no admission is charged.