Many professionals working with separated and divorced parents have found SPLIT to be an extremely helpful tool in their practice and in their work.

First Steps

Ways to use Split in your practice

Ways to use Split in your practice: Enhance your work
with clients

If you're interested in using SPLIT in your practice, below are a few ideas for incorporating the film into your work with separating and divorcing parents.

Assign Split: the early years or Split the Teen years, as homework

Ask a client who may be having trouble connecting with their child's perspective to watch the film before you meet with them to discuss the process of mediation, a discussion about desired outcomes, a collaborative negotiation meeting, a joint co-parenting counseling session or at any other stage in your work with them.

You can lend them a DVD or ask them to stream it directly from this website.

Watching one of these films can help set the stage and connect parents to their children’s experience, which can often make negotiations smoother and less conflictual.

Use a segment of the film

Both Spilt films are formatted in themes and chapters. This feature allows you to use specific parts of the film that may be more relevant to a topic you are addressing or the scope of your work.

You can have your client watch relevant segments of Split in your office instead of the whole film before discussing challenging issues such as parenting schedules, finances, or other difficult topics.

If you are hosting a joint meeting or negotiation, you can play a clip for both parties.

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Help clients get unstuck

Due to the emotional toll of divorce, many co-parents are not aware of how their actions are impacting their children.

Use Split: the early years or Split the Teen years, as tools to help clients when they are stuck in their own anger and hurt. It can be an eye-opening experience for parents to listen to children who are like their own, but not their own.

Suggest clients use Split to initiate conversations.

Offer your client the ability to preview Split as a resource for their children. If you have a client who is concerned about their children not talking or feeling alone, they may appreciate being introduced to Split as a resource.

You may also want to suggest that they check out the Split Film Guide.

The companion guide not only offers practical information and tips for helping children but also has scripted prompts for parents and professionals to get conversations started.

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